New Mixes On The DJ Blast App!

Just added 28 new mixes to the “DJ Blast App”. Make sure you guy check them out! And if you haven’t download the hottest DJ app in the streets right […]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everybody! Hope everyone is having an amazing time this holidays. Don’t forget to stay tune for more mixes and mixtapes.

Just added my new mixtape named “My Reggaeton Mixtape” which is a mixtape made out of all reggaeton. Make sure you guys check it out!  

New Mixtape!

I just also added my newest mixtape! My new mixtape is named “Back To The WestCoast” It’s a mixtape full of old school unforgettable westcoast songs! The mixtape is available […]

Just Added New Mixes!

Just added new mixes for everyone to listen too. They are available now on my soundcloud and this monday they will also be available on the DJBlastApp.